Howard Rabach

Bassist – Live Performance + Studio Sessions

Touring Twists and Turns

September 10, 2014

As I write this, I am sitting in the back seat section that isn’t folded down, tooling down route 85 somewhere between North and South Carolina, on the way to Atlanta.  Behind and beside me, drums, large storage containers, my bass case tapping me lightly on the top of my head every few miles; it’s a real Tetris puzzle.  In front, my fellow bandmates, Grey Jacks and Andrew Holden, guitarist/singer and drummer, respectively.  I am reminded of the Cameron Crowe movie, “Almost Famous”.  And I shudder to think about touring in that fashion.  And you know, I’m glad to be where I am, how I am, and not worrying about whether I took one too many quaaludes.  Three shows ahead of us, beginning tonight, and ending with Memphis on Saturday night, then home for a DC show late next week.  I’m tired, really tired.  I miss my wife and my kids.  But I’m happy.

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