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Next Steps…studio build consultation

December 18, 2014

Following up on my recent post about assisting others with transforming a space in their homes focused on creating music, I’ve continued my work with my friend Mark.  He is a guy, maybe a couple of years older than I; he has 2 kids almost on the way to college, he lost his wife a few years back, and now has the opportunity to make a space in his home all his own for music.  And that’s where we started.  I knew Mark from a local group of musicians that would “jam” together on occasion.

First, I sent out some questionnaires for him to complete in anticipation of our meeting.  These gave me some insight into what Mark really wanted from this space, what he may have had already in terms of equipment, sound treatment options, and the like, and also created some talking points as we walked the space together.  Mark’s space initially looked like this:

My head is reeling!

My head is reeling!

Is Jimmy Hoffa buried in here?

Is Jimmy Hoffa buried in here?

After a few weeks of cleaning and purging, he arrived here:


Now we got something to work with!

Now we got something to work with!

OK!  We can see the floor.

OK! We can see the floor.


We met most recently about a week prior to this post, made some initial purchase decisions, and realized he still has a tone of work to do in cleaning out the space.  He’s going to donate the pool table/air hockey table, purge his book collection, and empty out as much of the closet (not pictured) as possible.  Then he will take inventory of furnishings in his home that we could use to start treating his room.  Then, of course, a mix desk and chair.  I’ll keep you updated!

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