Howard Rabach

Bassist – Live Performance + Studio Sessions

Some updates….

January 8, 2015

I’ve got to be better about making regular posts here; even if it’s simply to say “no news is good news” or something similar.

Some news worthy items:

1517504_10152852772001827_5368035210398216008_nFirst, I will be taking part in the Ben Tufts and Friends present:  A Tribute to The Who’s “Live at Leeds” show at IOTA on Saturday, February 28.  I will be among a “cast of thousands” to honor the anniversary of one of the greatest live rock albums of all time.  It will be a loud party to remember so make plans to join us.



headphonesmic_origMore in the moment, I am in the middle of co-producing a demo for my friends “KT & The Neighborhood Band”.  This is a true party band, covering a huge range of varying artist material, all a backdrop for their amazing lead vocalist, Katie Scruggs (trust me, you will all know her soon).  We’re on the way to creating an initial 3-song demo of some of their best covers.  More updates as the sessions progress.


Screen-shot-2010-05-19-at-1.10.11-AMNext post coming will be more “bass” performance focused.  Coming up, I’ll be looking at how to make gear choices, how often the most trying relationships with other band members can result in a great performance, and how to diversify, learn patience, and not lose one’s way in the process.  Happy cold January day all!

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