Howard Rabach

Bassist – Live Performance + Studio Sessions

Not a resolution…rather taking more ‘daring’ chances – daring for me, anyway.

February 2, 2016

In welcoming 2016, albeit a month into it, I find myself contemplating new ideas and directions as a business owner.  I’ve made many sacrifices over the past two years, and celebrated some successes, and wrote off a few “oh, well, that didn’t work.”  Live and learn, right?  And now comes the time to put what I’ve learned into some serious action steps.  First, a rather public admission.

I am a serial procrastinator.

I know…you’re thinking, “Well, who isn’t?”  I’m here to explain that it’s more than likely I have taken procrastination to a whole new level.  Don’t misunderstand me, though.  It’s not as if I’m sitting around not doing anything.  I am busy, I am performing, I am recording and mixing.  However, I’m not pushing myself in any really new way.  And, well, if you keep repeating the same actions, expecting different results, that’s the definition of insanity.  As I pull myself back a few steps from that breezy cliff edge, I decided to be more public about starting some new things with the hope that making it public will give me the kick in the ass I need to get stuff accomplished.

One thing that keeps coming up in conversation is the concept of creating a video channel on YouTube or Vimeo, or similar.  I agree that in my line of work, video works as a strong means of communication, marketing – a “living/breathing” resume, in a way.  However, though I have tons of ideas, I am hesitant to start creating this channel as there is so much content already out there, much of it of great quality, that it’s hard to see what of value I could create that might be of interest to anyone and, maybe, attract an audience.  For example, I’m a great bassist; I can play many styles of music well, and sit in with just about anyone.  I could create amazing sounding videos showing me playing the bass lines to songs I love, or even creating a tutorial for a particular favorite.  That said, there are many really talented people already doing that.  I could create a ‘vlog‘ of some sort, talking about a current issue from my perspective, in the music business today, either in terms of performing or creating, or even producing someone else.  But again, those kinds of things are done all the time by others.  So do I really need to be another person trying to reinvent what’s already been reinvented several times?

MY QUESTION TO YOU IS THIS:  If you are a musician, recording engineer, someone interested in either, what would you really like to see?  Is there something out there that would make you want to watch?  Is there anything missing?  Like, “I like watching these dudes test out these guitar effect pedals, but it would be so much better if they would ______________.”

Please think about this, and either comment below, comment on my Facebook page, shoot me an email or a text…hell, be all 1990s and call me if you like.  I’m Howard Rabach, serial procrastinator, and I’m doing my own version of “phoning a friend.”

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