Howard Rabach

Bassist – Live Performance + Studio Sessions


Serve the song; you’ll never go wrong.

The Details:

A highly trained, veteran musician, with more than 25 years of performance and studio experience, Howard is an in-demand bassist, deeply versed in many styles, including R&B/soul, rock, pop (including standards), klezmer, and Americana/roots music, among others.  Additionally, he offers acoustic and electric guitar performance, percussion support, and strong bass-baritone vocals.  Colleagues and clients, past and present, know him to be reliable, well-rehearsed, and flexible.  He is currently endorsed by Gamma Custom Basses.

Publicity shot from recent GAMMA CUSTOM trade show ad

Publicity shot for GAMMA CUSTOM Basses

A certified audio engineer, Howard’s headquarters and home office, MACHINE ROOM STUDIO, is a full-service, yet intimate and comfortable audio production studio, located in a quiet Arlington, VA neighborhood.

“My goal is to serve your musical project through patience, understanding, and a shared vision of your success.”

I’ve been holding down the groove for lots of talented folks and lots of sessions and shows.

“As a musician, a producer, or arranger, my goal is to consistently provide what’s best for the song.  Serve the song, and people will take notice, really listen, and deeply connect. And that’s exactly why I play music; it’s my job.  When I do my job well, it’s like watching a film with such detailed and realistic scenery and costuming, that you focus on the story – you don’t really pay attention to the other elements because they are doing their jobs.  When a bassist truly grooves, all you hear is the song.”

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-Howard Rabach


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