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My regularly performing bands in and around the DC metro area!

The Grey A

  • “The Grey A’s new record, ‘MY COUNTRY’, puts a corrupt and rapacious elite in its crosshairs, pairing pop with (the) polemic, sometimes to a jarring effect…with fistfuls of horns and crunching guitar.” -NPR

Fat Chance

  •  Fat Chance is the DC area’s premier rock and dance band. Bringing the party wherever they play, this quintet covers material spanning decades as well as genres.  We’ve been hired for events all around the area for many corporate and celebratory events, including Viva! Vienna and Vienna Oktoberfest. Our reputation afforded us the opportunity to be featured performers on recent live show on the FOX Morning News “Zip Trips” this past summer, featuring the best of Vienna,VA.

The Chai Notes Band

  • Temple Rodef Shalom’s Chai Notes is our congregational band featuring brass, woodwinds, guitars, pianos, percussion and more! These musicians, all members of Temple Rodef Shalom, get together for a number of musical performances each program year.  Chai Notes members recently performed at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC for the ‘SING FOR HOPE‘ event.


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Action Music:  

  • Home to some of the most talented musicians, builders, repair techs, and an unbelievable stock of vintage and modern instruments, amplification, and effects pedals.  Matt Baker and his talented staff will make you a customer for life.

Markbass Amplification:  

  • I switched to Markbass Amplifiers a couple of years ago.  The sound is absolutely amazing and consistent.  Enclosures are roadworthy and reliable.  That’s why I continue to use my Markbass LittleMark II in my main performing rig.

Dimarzio Instrument Cables:

  • I made the switch to these great, heavy-duty Dimarzio Instrument cables after numerous failures with other well-known brands.  These things are practically indestructible! I’ve only replaced one cable, but only because I left it behind at a festival gig!

Ampeg Bass Cabinets:

  • When I need to “push more air” at a show, I can always count on my Ampeg Portaflex cabinet to hold it’s own, regardless of the gig.  My 2×10 punches through any mix and allows me to focus on the songs and the audience.

Atomic Music:

  • A mammoth showroom packed to the gills with amazing deals on quality instruments, amplification, and other electronics.  A required “stop, look, and listen” for getting a great deal on top notch music equipment.


  • I use a Genz Benz Focus Line 1×12 cabinet as part of my performance rig.  Solid “neo” construction providing me with top notch sound with punch and clarity in a light and extremely portable package.  A touring bassist’s best friend!  My drummer even offers to help lug my gear now! 

Re-Axe ‘Axe Handler’:

  • I replaced my standard bulky guitar stand with an Axe-Handler.  It saves limited precious stage space, while securely holding your instrument safely against your amp, a crate, or any flat surface.  Best $19 I ever spent.



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